Chuck Sheldon – CCIM – CPM – CEO

T&C Management LLC, takes pride in the excellent staffing within its organizational matrix. Educational prowess at all levels enhances the staff’s ability to support the needs of their clients. Internal innovation within the T&C Management LLC environment raises the eclectic bar for all. From undergraduate, to graduate, MBA, Accounting, Certified Project Management, Six Sigma and more, our staff works diligently to ensure that our client’s economic objectives are fulfilled.

Presently, The President of the Sheldon Company, T&C Management Company, and Enchanted Properties Construction Company, Senior Vice President of Collier International and Owner of over 350 apartment units. President of the Apartment Association of New Mexico (2013-2015), Government Affairs Chair for IREM, RANM Board Member, and National Board Member on Government Affairs Committee of The Institute of Real Estate Management.

Chuck Sheldon Jr. PhD – April 28, 1963 – August 9, 2015

He is remembered for his many contributions to the family and company.

Sharon Sheldon – Consultant/Owner

As a consultant, Sharon Sheldon provides T&C Management LLC staff with unique insight into disciplines required for managerial success. Sharon has been with T&C Management LLC, for over 10 years. Recounting the length of time and positions involved with Sharon Sheldon and T&C Management LLC, only begins to tell of her value to the organization. Sharon is uniquely poised as a qualified manager through 35 years of property ownership and managerial delegation. In addition, Sharon manages over 100 units.

As a senior executive and role model, Sharon is the consultant for difficult situations, both tenant and property related. She has a unique skill set for diffusing situations, while at the same time, achieving success once a situation is resolved. In the public arena, Sharon is specially qualified in processing court evictions and writs. Sharon understands the importance of quality and honor in the workplace. She understands the association of quality with other key players, the interaction of completing projects with a workmanship that is second to none and the association with other organizations concerned with that quality. As a Senior Manager, Sharon strives for continued success. This high-water mark of attainment is continually measured through several key parameters.

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Corporate values
  • Support and Guidance of Faculty

Sharon sustains an ever-present mindset of staff encouragement and work-life balance. Strength, as a pillar in the community, is the reason Sharon is driven to such high standards. With a concise focus on quality, Sharon uses computer software including QuickBooks, and Property Boss, to manage and oversee departmental activities within the organization and trains with the models developed in the organization.

Dennyz Yanez, Accounting Supervisor

Victor Chaparro, Maintenance Supervisor

Liz Rodriguez, Senior Property Manager

Jeff Zank, Supervisory Property Manager and Associate Broker NMREC #19521

Blanca Bedolla, Property Manager

Esperanza Granillo, Property Manager

Klye Berkshire, Associate Broker, NMREC #51803