Chuck Sheldon – CCIM – CPM – CEO

T&C Management LLC, takes pride in the excellent staffing within its organizational matrix. Educational prowess at all levels enhances the staff’s ability to support the needs of their clients. Internal innovation within the T&C Management LLC environment raises the eclectic bar for all. From undergraduate, to graduate, MBA, Accounting, Certified Project Management, Six Sigma and more, our staff works diligently to ensure that our client’s economic objectives are fulfilled.

Presently, The President of the Sheldon Company, T&C Management Company, and Enchanted Properties Construction Company, Senior Vice President of Collier International and Owner of over 350 apartment units. President of the Apartment Association of New Mexico (2013-2015), Government Affairs Chair for IREM, RANM Board Member, and National Board Member on Government Affairs Committee of The Institute of Real Estate Management.

Chuck Sheldon Jr. PhD – April 28, 1963 – August 9, 2015

He is remembered for his many contributions to the family and company.

Sharon Sheldon – Consultant/Owner

As a consultant, Sharon Sheldon provides T&C Management LLC staff with unique insight into disciplines required for managerial success. Sharon has been with T&C Management LLC, for over 10 years. Recounting the length of time and positions involved with Sharon Sheldon and T&C Management LLC, only begins to tell of her value to the organization. Sharon is uniquely poised as a qualified manager through 35 years of property ownership and managerial delegation. In addition, Sharon manages over 100 units.

As a senior executive and role model, Sharon is the consultant for difficult situations, both tenant and property related. She has a unique skill set for diffusing situations, while at the same time, achieving success once a situation is resolved. In the public arena, Sharon is specially qualified in processing court evictions and writs. Sharon understands the importance of quality and honor in the workplace. She understands the association of quality with other key players, the interaction of completing projects with a workmanship that is second to none and the association with other organizations concerned with that quality. As a Senior Manager, Sharon strives for continued success. This high-water mark of attainment is continually measured through several key parameters.

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Corporate values
  • Support and Guidance of Faculty

Sharon sustains an ever-present mindset of staff encouragement and work-life balance. Strength, as a pillar in the community, is the reason Sharon is driven to such high standards. With a concise focus on quality, Sharon uses computer software including QuickBooks, and Property Boss, to manage and oversee departmental activities within the organization and trains with the models developed in the organization.

Silvia C. Hernandez – CAMS – Senior Asset Manager

T&C Management LLC is fortunate to have Silvia Hernandez as a lead Asset Manager within the organization since 2009. With expertise in real estate management, Silvia’s tenure at T&C Management LLC, has allowed her the opportunity to maximize service. She oversees a successful multimillion dollar portfolio. In this capacity, Silvia remains focused on profitability and sustainability through the continuous improvement of the financial bottom line.
Communication is an invaluable component at T&C Management LLC. Supporting this focal point, Silvia is fluent in English and Spanish. This talent is accessed on a daily basis as owners, tenants, and team members all interact in the region’s multi-language environment. Silvia has attended several programs and community networks to enhance the communication element at all business levels. Some of these focused curricula include:

  • CAM designation awarded by the Apartment Association of New Mexico
  • The Crime Free and Fair Housing Seminars
  • The New Mexico Tenant Landlord Act 2010.
  • Subsidized assistance for housing (Section 8)

As Supervisory Asset Manager, Silvia has worked diligently to create opportunities for success within the framework of the organization. This outlook is ever-present in the transparency of contract work completed with the City of Albuquerque’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Finalizing the completion of critical files in tandem with following all Housing and Urban Development rules and regulations, insures efforts that follow key recommendations adhered to in the modern business environment.


Elizabeth (Liz) Rodriguez – Leasing Department Supervisor

Elizabeth Rodriguez (Liz) is one of T&C Management LLC’s top leasing professionals who has consecutively met and exceeded her monthly quota since she joined the Leasing Department. Liz currently manages single family homes in the Albuquerque metropolitan area for T&C Management LLC. Liz is fluent in English and Spanish. This fluidity in the ever-changing landscape of residential and commercial property management lowers the level of risk associated with communication misunderstanding. Liz is one of the T&C Management staff that does not stop at just doing her job; she excels in technical operations, customer service, and customer satisfaction.

Jeff Zank – ARM(r) – Real Estate Broker – Senior Property Manager – Development and Marketing Manager

Jeff is part of a team of distinguished professionals at T&C Management, who are all guided by the highest principles and values providing you the highest level of service ensuring a high quality of life for tenants and owners. He loves residential property management and enjoys helping people with their rental home needs and helping owners to meet their investment objectives. He is an award winning Realtor, Property Manager with 14 years of residential experience. He is also a past Board Member of Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) New Mexico Chapter No. 46. His educational background includes; BS Eastern Michigan University, Operations Research and Information Systems, NM Licensed Broker and IREM Accredited Residential Manager or ARM® as well as executive management training.

Jeff is also responsible for T&C Managements Marketing and Development.

Mike Lopez – On Site Property Manager

Michael Lopez was born and raised in a small eastern New Mexico town. Right after High School Michael joined the United States Navy. Upon successful completion of his enlistment he returned to Albuquerque to attend the University of New Mexico for a Degree in Social Services. Michael began his fifteen (15) year career as a Residential Counselor at Hogares. He was promoted to Special Education Coordinator then promoted to Youth Care Coordinator where he supervised eight (8) Youth Care Educators. After five (5) years at Hogares, Michael was hired at Desert Hills Treat Center as a Milieu Counselor. He was responsible for the daily program needs of several adolescent mental health treatment units. After serving ten (10) years as a Medical Staffing Coordinator, Michael became a Branch Manager at Bright Med where he continued his expertise in the medical field as a Staffing Counselor. He joined T&C Management as an On Site Property Manager eager to use his many years of experience to provide the best possible customer service to all its properties and tenants.

Amber Arko – On Site Property Manager

Amber Arko worked in Bacliff, New York for almost three (3) years as a Medical Billing Specialist and Administrative Assistant at a popular nursing home. After relocating to New Mexico, Amber became an Office Operations Coordinator, a Data Entry Specialist, and a Client Specialist at McKesson Corporation and S.E.D. Medical Labs. Amber then became the Assistant Community Manager at the Albuquerque Grand Senior Living Facility. Her duties included Client Host, Human Resource Specialist, and providing oversight on one-hundred-fifty-four (154) senior apartments. Amber is now a Leasing Agent for T&C Management.

Maria Pacheco – Leasing

Maria Pacheco began working at T&C Management LLC in 2014. Maria is fluent in English and Spanish with the ability to speak, write and translate fluidly in the business environment. Maria is qualified in computer software including MS Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint.

Maria is dependable, a fast learner, reliable, and hardworking and needs little supervision. She brings a depth-of-knowledge to the staff from her years of service in Human Resources at Albuquerque Public Schools (APS). Her hands on experience at Sitel, HELP New Mexico, and Mesa Ridge allowed her to attain a solid background in the property management arena.

Gabrielle Carabajal – Leasing

Gabrielle has spent several years working in customer service related industries. During that time she has learned how to give phenomenal customer service and build great rapport with her clients. Upon her employment with T and C Management, Gabrielle has taken Fair Housing and Equal Rights classes. With her completion of the courses she has taken she is now a diligent leasing agent and property manager. Gabrielle now oversees and takes care of over one hundred and fifty units for T and C Management. On her down time she enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors with a good book in her hand.

Sharon Graeme – On Site

Sharon has worked a special systems contractor developing her technical problem solving skills and is a graduate of Menaul School in Albuquerque. She’s been at on-site with T & C Management since 2016. She enjoys being a mom, grand parent and likes to bake.

Berenice Gonzalez – Leasing

Lori Reyna – Leasing

Griselda Castro – Leasing

Elizabeth Rodriguez (Liz) – Leasing Supervisor

Esperanza Granillo – Leasing

Blanca Bedolla – Leasing

Robert Chavez, Leasing

Gabriella Orozco, Leasing


Melissa Seanez – Accountant

Melissa Seanez continues to be an invaluable asset within the staff at T&C Management LLC. With more than 8 years in the organization, Melissa shines as a top performer among all staff members. As a key catalyst of communication skills in the contractual arena, Melissa performs at T&C Management LLC utilizing several of her strongest talents in her powerful toolbox. Melissa is bi-lingual and able to translate/interpret documents in English and Spanish. Both verbally and written, Melissa can interpret documentation and communication so that organizational departments can quickly and efficiently translate documents for transposing simplicity.

Melissa has a unique ability to work bi-lingual between contractors, our organizational Maintenance Department and Billing Department. Her 13 years’ experience as a Personal Advisor for Human Resources provides her with a distinct insight in working with contractors. Over 12 years of working with customers has enabled Melissa to understand the needs of all players involved during the construction process.

Olga Mercado, Accountant

Olga Mercado worked as a Tax Specialist for H&R Block and assisted hundreds of customers at tax time. She then worked as a Client Transportation Specialist at Albuquerque Rescue Mission where she managed the Clothing Acquisition section for clients. After one (1) year at Alpha Credit Loans Olga began a position as an Educational Assistant at Albuquerque Public Schools in 1999 and continued in that position for twelve (12) years. Olga is now our Data Entry Specialist at T&C Management and handles Rental Income, Maintenance Billing and Utilities Management.

Tasia Lopez, Accountant

Tasia Lopez earned her Associates of Applied Science Degree in Business Accounting at Luna Community College in 2008. She was awarded an Academic Achievement Award in Accounting Principles in 2007 and a second Academic Achievement Award in 2008. She put her extensive accounting expertise to work at Prudential Consulting Inc., Compusy’s Inc., Precision Masonry, Inc., Griego Professional Services LLC, and most recently at Inteli-Care, LLC as an Executive Assistant. Her job duties included preparation of financial reports, medical billing and management of payroll for four-hundred-twenty (420) employees. Tasia now comes to T&C Management as our Client Rental Specialist.

Tonya Martinez – Accountant

Tonya is native to New Mexico and has three associate degrees issued by CNM (Liberal Arts, Pre-Management & Business Administration) and a Payroll Certification. She’s currently attending UNM Anderson School of Management and hopes to receive a BA in Accounting within two years. Tonya will be work on reconciliations, bookkeeping and other tasks as needed.

Dennyz Yanez – Accounting Supervisor

Kimberly Monteverde, Accounting

Front Office

Cristal Rodriguez, Receptionist

Alexis Aguilar, Receptionist