T & C Management has learned that a group of car thieves who had been known to spend time at a property we manage were arrested by the Albuquerque Police Department last week. The property is owned by Mr. Chuck Sheldon, CEO of T & C Management, and his video surveillance system was utilized by an APD detective to gather information and proof of the thieves’ activities. After their arrest, it was confirmed that one of the thieves was a resident of the property, so we are doubly glad to know that the other tenants will now be safer. We are very proud of this victory for apartment owners and managers in our fight against crime in the neighborhoods we pour so much time and concern into. T & C Management thanks the APD for their weeks-long investigation into these criminal acts that are a blight on Albuquerque’s great potential.

Image of a surveillance camera silhouetted against a blue sky with a strip of "police line do not cross" tape along the top of the image, and over the sky portion text reads "arrests aided by surveillance".

Video surveillance is increasingly important in the Albuquerque multi-family housing industry

Mr. Sheldon has installed video surveillance at a number of key properties largely in hopes that it would be useful to those policing Albuquerque’s especially difficult neighborhoods, and as a result keep his tenants and employees safer. Regarding this most recent use of footage by the APD, Mr. Sheldon says “This is why it is so important for owners like myself to install video surveillance and work closely with police. If, as a group, owners and managers participated in this manner, we could lift up these neighborhoods and improve quality of life for so many people.”

As a very active participant in the multi-family industry both at home in Albuquerque and on a state- and nation-wide level, Mr. Sheldon has long been committed to improving Albuquerque neighborhoods. He has spent a great deal of time and effort improving buildings and living standards through various building rehabilitation projects. As a developer, Mr. Sheldon has a reputation for making sure his units are aesthetically beautiful and structurally excellent regardless of the neighborhood or surrounding buildings, and as a manager, he is determined to keep property valuable and livable. But with crime an increasing concern, good units aren’t enough to ensure good living standards for Albuquerque’s people and families.

Video surveillance has also proven valuable in protecting property from vandalism, identifying other security holes such as back areas that need to be secured, and helping managers identify trouble-makers on properties. Overall, the systems, which have been active for less than a year, have proven invaluable. Mr. Sheldon added, “I want to encourage other owners in Albuquerque to take a serious look at the benefits of video surveillance. The money and time it takes to set up and maintain… we just got a whole group of car thieves off our property, we’ve protected our managers and tenants, made the detective’s job easier so they can move on to other crimes. To me, that’s worth all the time and hassle and then some.”

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