You found that perfect apartment!  …But now it’s been awhile and it’s not so perfect anymore. Wrong location, wrong size, or just time for a change. On top of finding a new living space and renting or borrowing a truck, you signed a lease way back at the beginning and you have to figure out how to vacate without getting charged for extra rent or fees.

No need to worry, though, it isn’t too complicated, just time-sensitive. Here’s a guide to how to move out of an apartment managed by T & C Management.

A sample of our “30 Day Notice of Intent to Vacate” form.

Step 1: Send A 30 Day Notice

The first thing you need to do is let T & C Management know you intend to leave the apartment 30 days before you actually move out. We need some basic information:

  • Legal names of all residents on your lease
  • Current address including unit number (i.e. the unit you are moving out of)
  • The reason you are moving out
  • The date you intend to be fully vacated
  • A forwarding address (where we can send your security deposit and/or final statement)

There are two ways to provide this information:

  1. Come to our office and ask for a “30 Day Notice of Intent to Vacate” form (sample pictured). You fill it out, leave it with us, and you’re set!
  2. Write a letter and send it to us in the mail or via email. Address it to T & C Management, state that the letter is your “notice of intent to vacate,” and the information listed above. Make sure it gets to us 30 days before your desired move-out date.

Step 2: Bring Back Your Keys

A sample of our “Returned Keys” form.

You have not “moved out” until we receive your keys back – this is absolutely essential! The date you told us about in your 30 Day Notice is just an intended date. The date we consider you no longer occupying and paying rent is the day we get your keys. If you don’t get your keys to us on the move-out date you informed us of, we will continue charging rent for each day after, since we can’t rent the unit out to anyone else until we know you have actually left.

The process for bringing back keys is as simple as it sounds: come to the office, hand us the keys, fill out a “Returned Keys” form (sample pictured) and you’re done!

Step 3: Final Statement

You will receive a final statement and your security deposit (minus any charges) at the forwarding address you provided. That will be the final communication between us.


While we are always sad to see our tenants go, we wish you all the best as you move forward and into whatever new situations and locations await you!

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