Dozens of hot air balloons in various stages of rising over a large open area completely filled with thousands of people under a blue sky.

Hot air balloons rise above Albuquerque’s famed Balloon Fiesta

Released November 16, 2017

By Chuck Sheldon, MBA
President, CEO, CCIM, CPM, of T & C Management, LLC
President Pro Tem, AANM
President Elect, IREM

Winning any election is a long and difficult process, so congratulations and regards are due to Tim Keller for his successful campaign. I wish him the best people, ideas, and information as he moves into this new role on December 1st.

Albuquerque is my home because I love it, so I work hard for it. One of my main goals in my business dealings is to improve the lives of the people who live here. Working in tandem and partnership with the Albuquerque city government continues to be a big part of reaching that goal for me. I believe the same is true for the goals of the city. Partnership between public and private enterprise – the joining of our funds and infrastructure – needs to be the primary pathway to an ever-improving Albuquerque.

Many things need updated and brought under new scrutiny in Albuquerque, and Mr. Keller will have his hands full. I encourage him to remember the resources available to him in the private business sector as he deals with the many changing facets of Albuquerque. I look forward to interacting with Mr. Keller and his administration over the coming years. I believe great things are ahead for our city. Let’s keep working together.

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