By Jordan M.

I work here at T & C Management, and I loved interacting with property management companies long before I started here. But I’m a 20-something, not exactly the prime target for a company who manages other people’s residential investment properties, right? Turns out, that’s a limited view of the value of property managers! There are many advantages for the investor / landlord, certainly, but for those of us actually looking to rent, a place like T & C can be a lifesaver. Here’s how I found that out.

Just after graduating college, I went slogging through the internet searching for my first apartment. It was very frustrating. I’d lived on campus all through college, and had left all my peers – who might have been able to help with my lack of rental knowledge – back where I went to school. So I had no idea what I was doing, but I was determined to handle it. I spent a couple evenings sorting through at least three major apartment listing sites. I mostly found large complexes and sublets – and almost nothing in my price range. Every time I went out to see various complexes that seemed to fit my needs, I would go through a huge process just to get someone to show me around, and leave an hour or two later no further ahead, and with no time to go on to the others on my list. Sound familiar?

Finally, I just started calling numbers on signs I passed. One turned out to be a property management company, and it changed my whole experience.

I have to admit my ignorance here: I’d never heard of property management before this. I had no idea how it worked. But I was about to get a great education.

The leasing agent who answered the phone asked what I was looking for and if there were any other properties I might want to see, in addition to the one I called about. I was honest: I didn’t understand how she could show me multiple apartments at different properties? She explained that they handled the day-to-day business of a lot of different rentals throughout the city, so she could show me any of the properties listed on their website.

I jumped at the opportunity to work with just one company and still see multiple types of units.

We decided on a couple apartments that suited my price range (as low as you have, please) and location, and set up a time to go see them. At each, she told me various helpful points about the unit: a little history on the building, details about recent maintenance and renovations – which she knew because her company handled all that – and an idea of the feel of the community or neighborhood.

It was the only easy experience I had, and it ended in me finally getting the no-frills, simple apartment I needed. I loved the unit I chose, how easy it was to access 24-hour emergency maintenance, that I could pay my rent online, and more. The conveniences that came with a management company would never have been available had I rented directly from the landlord of a small property. It was so great that for my next apartment I convinced my roommate to trust me and go through one again. We had another great experience, and I’ll never go apartment hunting another way!

So if you’re in the market, give property managers a shot – T & C management can do the same for you that I experienced and loved.

Posted by: tandcmanagement on November 14, 2017
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