You may be finding yourself with a parent who needs more time and attention. If your mom or dad needs to downsize their home, there are resources to help them find inexpensive housing.

Low Rent Apartment Search: This link from Housing and Urban Development brings it all together. You type in your location and they’ll give you names and numbers of subsidized buildings in your price range.

Get the Government to Pay the Rent: It’s true. Low-income individuals can apply for vouchers and use them to pay rent almost anywhere.

Guide to Apartments by State: This link, also from HUD, is a giant list of apartments in your state. It doesn’t have much information in terms of who is eligible for what, but it makes for good browsing.

Public Housing: If that doesn’t sound very appealing just keep in mind they’re actually just apartments managed by local housing agencies with funding from the federal government.

Posted by: tandcmanagement on March 14, 2017
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