The president, Mr. Trump indicates that with military precision, we are removing the most dangerous of immigrants; murderers, rapist, and drug king pins. Yes, we have “Dragoons” ICE agents waiting by court houses to bludgeon immigrants who were trying to adhere to civic duties by going to court, but ending up in a dragnet, putting them in unmarked cars and sending them to detention centers. These parents, fathers, and mothers of US Citizens, young under aged children, are being carted off in the guise of being “Bad Hombres'”. In military terms, collateral damage.

Today I had a young mother of three come into my office to let me know that she would have to move due to the fact that her husband had been deported, a dishwasher, who was supporting his family. WOW, what a win! Now we will have children living on the state’s welfare system. We just removed a hard working individual in the guise of removing bad guys. Yes, we will get some bad guys, but at what cost? These parents have children, US Citizens, born in the US, and working like all of us to support our families. We are deporting people that have been here for years, or decades that have been hard working people, contributing to society. We are chilling our communities, people will not call police, and women will suffer in silence, due to fear of being deported. ICE agents are not profiling whites, but people of color. Immigrants are selling their homes in preparation and fear of deportation.

I here all the time these immigrants are taking our jobs! When some one that speaks little English takes a job, it is not because they are cutting pay, but because no one else wants the job. We can’t fill dishwashing or culinary jobs, roofing jobs and construction positions, and least of all agriculture jobs. When food expenses double or triple, and construction costs turn your investments negative, and clothing costs double, there will be a a revelation as too the value of our immigrants.

These policies are anti-American and ill conceived. Proponents argue that these are not dragnets, that these are just casual encounters. What a delusion! I don’t agree that we should deport, but if someone commits a serious crime we should put them in federal prison. No one wants someone in their communities that will hurt them or their family, consequently they need to be tried and imprisoned, so that they don’t reenter the country. We have placed our communities against the federal government. That is why we have the Second Amendment, so the Citizenry can protect itself from the ternary of the Federal Government. We now have Church’s, private citizens creating safe zones. Are these just all liberals? No, it’s the 52% that did not vote for these policies. The President who ran on Washington is not listening, is not listening. Surprise, surprise!

Chuck Sheldon CCIM, CPM
Qualifying Broker/Principal
T and C management, LLC
Albuquerque NM, Suite 400

Posted by: tandcmanagement on February 28, 2017
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